Biobank invests in life sciences companies on a worldwide basis that combine:
a strong intellectual property position, committed founders and near term product opportunities with competitive and strategic advantages and well defined milestones.

The Biobank philosophy is to identify and combine the highest quality technology, talent and capital on a global basis. We use these assets to create lean and flexible organizations that can thrive and grow in the new global economy. The Biobank operating philosophy provides our venture companies with the ability to focus their efforts on bringing new products, technologies and ideas to market; Biobank takes care of the rest. We believe that our operating model offers significant advantages with respect to lowering the cost of capital and accelerating the time to market of new products. We identify the opportunity, assemble the pieces, structure the company, support its activities and create a road map for its success.



Stell .  La Jolla, CA

Sangamo BioSciences .  Richmond, CA

Focus: knock-out cells for human therapy
Technology: zinc finger endonucleases                                                                   
Headquarters: Richmond, California
Partners: Karolinska Institute
Founders: Monika Liljedahl, MD, Ph.D., Simon Aspland, Ph.D.

Stell has merged with Sangamo BioSciences




EGeen .  Mountain View, CA





Focus: clinical research and pharmacogenetics
Technology: clinical and genomics data collection and mining
Headquarters: Mountain View, California
Partner: Estonian Gene Bank Project
Founders: Andres Metspalu, MD, Ph.D., Kalev Kask, Ph.D., Jaanus Pikani, MD