Biobank has participated to the following notable events:


Global Venture Investors Association Conference
Los Angeles - Wilshire Grand Hotel

Speaker: Pascal Brandys - President of Biobank Technology Ventures LLC


BioMedical Asia (Exhibitor and Sponsor)


World Economic Forum - USA Meeting (Speaker)
Washington DC


"Is There a Business Plan for the Genetic Revolution? While the scientific world continues to celebrate cracking the human genome, investors and consumers are taking a more prosaic view. What are the business models behind g-businesses and who are the value creators? When will we see the promised wonder drugs and treatments based on these discoveries? Will public fears, ethical issues and regulatory scrutiny ultimately hold back the genomics industry?"



Pascal Brandys, President and CEO, Biobank, USA
Arthur Caplan, Director, Center for Bioethics, University of Pennsylvania, USA
William A. Haseltine, Chairman and CEO, Human Genome Sciences, USA



Robert Bazell, Chief Science Correspondent, NBC, USA.