Our mission is to create and build global life sciences companies focused on the rapid delivery of unique, high value products.
Our concept is to identify promising opportunities in life sciences and to assemble all the necessary elements to convert these ideas into successful companies. Key elements provided include seed and early stage capital as well as management and administrative support organized and delivered by a recognized team of experienced international biotechnology professionals.
The Biobank system of company creation enables scientists and entrepreneurs to focus their time, talent and energy on core product development activities rather than on the organization of other crucial supporting services, such as financing, legal, accounting and human resources. Biobank believes that the continual duplication of these services in new companies is wasteful and inefficient. Biobank can take advantage of the economies of scale in fee structures to negotiate and deliver a world class array of professional services not always available to companies at an early stage of development. Biobank companies are started with strong intellectual property positions and immediately supported with worldwide business development expertise.
Biobank's vision of company creation is global. We believe in the identification and assembly of technology, scientists and capital without reference to national borders. The rapid dissemination of information and scientific literature and the free exchange of ideas across the Internet are creating a newer, smaller world among geographically dispersed scientists and engineers. Capitalizing on its many years of international, operational experience, the Biobank team is uniquely suited to tap into both existing and emerging scientific networks on a global basis. The scientific resources, product development and intellectual property and marketing strategies of Biobank companies are global from their inception. By assembling synergistic, transnational assets Biobank creates strong, competitive companies ideally suited to the nature of 21st century business. As the world shrinks, Biobank's horizon expands.
Biobank's goals are to accelerate the time to market for innovative products and to allow talented scientists and entrepreneurs to make the best use of their time and skills. The commitment to fund early stage development obviates the need for new companies to spend time on financing activities. The collective strength of the Biobank group means that professional services are delivered with high quality and lower cost. We believe that our unique operating model makes more efficient use of capital and will deliver superior returns and liquidity to our investors and new products to a global marketplace.